Can You Pass This Difficult Japanese Language Test?

A long and challenging Japanese meaning test! It is often used in many animes. Let's see how many will come out. Determine your Japanese level! Measure what level you are in Japanese! Japanese language test!

1. Moshimoshi, Aika desu ga, Kotoko-san wa imasu ka? | What it means?

Hello, Aika has arrived, can I go with her?
Hello, I'm Aika, are you there?
Hello, I need to meet with Aika, can you give it to her?
Hello, this is Aika speaking, is Kotoko-san around?

2. Hana ga gakkou ni ikimashita. | What it means?

Hana finished school.
Hana is coming to school.
Hana is the one who goes to school.
Hana returns from school

3. Dare ga utaimasu ka? | What it means?

Who sings the song?
Who came to the concert?
Are we going to the concert?
Who will sing?

4. Ikitai desu ga, okane ga nai desu. |What it means?

We are not ready yet, let's wait a little longer.
I think everyone is ready, then let's go.
I want to go but I have no money.
I'm going to get the car, go down and wait.

5. Watashi wa eiga o mimashita ga, otouto wa mimasen deshita. | What it means?

I'm a computer guy, but my brother would never understand.
I saw the movie but my brother didn't.
We will watch movies on the computer as a family.
My brother and family were amazed at my computer use.

6. Asia-chan hiru-gohan ni twomasen ka? | What it means?

Asia-chan, shall we have breakfast together?
Asia-chan, will you cook for me today?
Asia-chan, why don't we go and have lunch together?
Asia-chan, shall we have dinner together at your house?

7. Ii desu ne. Döner o tabemashoo. | What it means?

It seems beautiful. Let's get a döner.
You couldn't choose one. We eat döner.
This is nice. Let's eat döner.
It was so bad. I won't be eating döner again.

8. Terebi no antenna ga kowarete imasu. | What it means?

The TV antenna is broken.
We couldn't find anything to watch on TV.
We laugh at the television show.
I couldn't get the TV to work, help.

9. Shukudai o wasureru. | What it means?

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I can't find anything to write about.
I'm bored.
I only have one notebook left.
I forgot my homework.