21 Great Omegaverse Yaoi Webtoon Manga Recommendations You Must Read!

I wouldn't be able to recommend you my favorite webtoon manga and manhuas in the Omegaverse universe. That's why I prepared 21 omegaverse webtoon manga suggestions for you, I had a lot of fun while writing it, I hope you have fun and like it. :) Let's move on to our omegaverse yaoi webtoon manga recommendations!

1. Love is an illusion

Love is an illusion
Hyesung & Dojin

Hyesung, who thinks he is alpha until this time, believes that he will find his own omega one day, experiences his first heat due to the dominant alpha pheromone and learns that he is a recessive omega years later. :)

But since he found out, there is no torture he hasn't caused to his alpha, he is the first omegaverse webtoon I've read and I still read it sometimes. They have a baby, anyway, spoilers for those who don't know. :)

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2. Unromantic

Chu Gain & Oh Hyen-oh

A cute love story that begins with Chu Gain, our Dominant omega, the president of Cheabol company, and Oh Hyen-oh, an alpha journalist, sitting at the table in the cafe where he is sitting. The reason I like this webtoon is because omegas are strong too, their pheromones enslave all alphas and never seem helpless. :)

3. Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle
Doyun & Taehan

Doyun, who is half omega, has never experienced any escalation until this age, and is even thought of as alpha by his colleagues and is not naive and weak like other omegas. His first heat starts thanks to young alpha Taehan and he becomes Doyun's first alpha. Although they can't get along at first, they start to get along because of this escalation, let's see if fate will make them happy, aren't they so cute? :)

4. The Time Between Dog and Wolf

The Time Between Dog and Wolf
Han Kiyo & İri

This Omega, who hates all the alphas because of his father, is accused of killing important Alpha statesmen and is thrown into the alphas prison. In this difficult time for him, the task of our alpha named Big is to kill that omega, for this, pretend to be with him and prevent other alphas from attacking him and pretend to protect him. But as he gets to know her, he cannot resist her and begins to fall in love. Our alpha, our handsome omega, what more could one want? :)

5. Megumi To Tsugumi

Megumi To Tsugumi
Tsugumi & Megumi

Our omega Tsugumi, who beats the alphas in every estrus and protects the other estrus omegas from bad alphas, meets our alpha Megumi one day, and after getting close to her once, she realizes that she is not like other alphas and that she is not bothered by the fact that only Megumi touches her during that (heat) period.

He is a character who embraces his loved ones, who are naive, despite his terrible appearance, who refuses to take drugs during the estrus, and tests Megumi's patience.

6. Dear Benjamin

Dear Benjamin
İsaac & Felix

The relationship between Isaac, who is clumsily packing flowers in the flower shop, and Felix, who sees the flowers awkwardly but thinks he is beta, and is interested, turns out to be a long time ago, and this man (Felix) is looking for that man (Isaac) who broke his arm just because he helped an omega during a heat period. . The problem is that they have a child, our baby's name is Benjamin :).

What I love in this series is that omega hides himself for years and participates in military training and does not need alpha, I am waiting for new episodes to come, I hope it will come :).

7. Pheromone Shower Like A Tidal Wave

Pheromone Shower Like A Tidal Wave
Suh Lim & Hae-Il

He is an omega who pretends to be alpha for years, actually lives on a suppressive drug and hates the smell of alpha. He is kidnapped by a gang, and they put an alpha on his head with a gambling debt. Actually, that alpha has another purpose, which is not what it seems. Omegas have strong and cute relationships that break their naive perception.

8. Bye Bye

While our omega, who lost his family years ago, is standing at the head of the bridge, our alpha's brother gets into a car accident and his brother, who is afraid of our alpha, tells his crime that our omega Seoyo had an accident to save himself from the brink of suicide for money. Our alpha Seonghoon doesn't believe in this situation. The reason why I like this webtoon is that it has a mafia style, can we get an alpha like this :) ?

9. Kiss Me Liar

Kiss Me Liar
Yeon Woo & Keith

Keith, our alpha who hates male omegas, is distant from him because his secretary is Yeon Woo omega. In the heat of Yeon Woo's heat, our alpha Keith gets to know our omega Yeon Woo more. The reason why I love this series is definitely our alpha brother. Although he has an annoying personality, he is a true romantic when he falls in love. :)

10. Love Percentage

Love Percentage
Eunho & Taeyoon

Eunhoo is an omega. Left alone after her father's death, she gets together with our next-door neighbor Alpha, Taeyoon, who entered the rut, and left her home the next morning. Years later, by a twist of fate, Eunhoo moves to our alpha Taeyoon's apartment again, but this time he is not alone.

What intrigued me when I read this webtoon is Eunhoo's raising his child so well and fate reunites him with Taeyoon and Taeyoon unwittingly fathered him without knowing that he is his own son. :)

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11. It's My Baby

It's My Baby
Hae Seo & Do Geon

Our character, who was cheated on by his ex-girlfriends, always hears the words "You are omega, but you are not attractive at all" from the people who cheated on him. They go out for a drink with a close friend, and as if it's not enough to be blindly drunk, a period of anger begins. At that time, our company president alpha encounters this omega (Han Seo). They have a one night stand and then our omega leaves.

After a while, she finds out that she is pregnant. He tells his family that his alpha is dead. When the president gets the news that omega's friend died, he thinks he is dead.

The part that interests me in this series is that our omega Han Seo never raises his child alone without disturbing our alpha Do Geon for this matter. :)

12. Kiraide İsasete

Kiraide İsasete
Naoto & Hazuki

In this manga you will find the bitter times of the past, family warmth, love and a strong bond. Learning that Naoto's second identity is an omega, the alphas take possession of him. From this event, Naoto became pregnant and her daughter Shizuku was born.

Naoto, who hates all alphas, is forced to go to the partner place at his mother's urging. Our alpha, Hazuki, who was the waiter there, saw Naoto, ran and grabbed his arm tightly and said, "You're my fateful wife, we finally met." says.

13. How to Chase an Alpha

How to Chase an Alpha
Yoon Wooyoung & Cha Kyungjoo

Yoon Wooyoung, a son from a wealthy family, is a recessive omega. Wooyoung, who is asked to go out instead of his beta brother, smells nice and this is how his first heat starts. Cha Kyungjoo, a prominent company president who was there at the time, is a dominant alpha and surrenders to every alpha that omegas are weak and exist only to give birth to children. considers a class. It saves our recessive omega, which is in estrus at the time. And over time they start to get to know each other more.

In this series, as our prejudiced alpha gets to know this cute omega, they look for each other more, a bit of romance and a bit of comedy. :)

14. Hyacinth

Xiaomi & Jiang Xi

It is between Jiang Ji, the popular alpha of the school, and our recessive omega, Xiaomi, who has been friends for years but is actually in love with him. Xiaomi, who carried our drunk alpha home at the graduation meeting, was about to kiss him goodbye, and Jiang Ji woke up when he was about to run away and they got together.

Years later, our omega started a new life with his daughter, Xiaomi. Meanwhile, while picking up her daughter from kindergarten, she encounters our main alpha, Jiang Ji. This is a cute manhua that warms our hearts. :)

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15. Struggle

Juheon & Lee Kang

The story of Lee Kang, our alpha, the head of the school in high school, and the not-so-successful Juheon, who recognizes himself as a beta. Lee Kang, who saved Juheon while she was in trouble at school, decides to train her so she can finish school. Over time, this closeness turns into love and something happens between them.

Juheon, who learned that she was pregnant while thinking she was beta, tells this to Lee Kang, but gets an unexpected reaction from Lee Kang. She leaves him and opens a new page for herself with her daughter. At that time, Lee Kang became a doctor, but Lee Kang, who could not find a partner due to his bond with Juheon, is sick. One day, by chance, they meet Juheon at the cafe that belongs to Juheon.

16. Peach & Musk

Peach & Musk
Yoonjoon & Kihyun

Looking for a roommate, Yoonjoon becomes a roommate with his old friend's brother Kihyun. Kihyun is an alpha and Yoonjoon believes he is a beta until one day he starts getting angry next to Kihyun...

17. Willow Love Story

Han Sang Yul, who is used as a test subject in a pharmaceutical company because he is different from other omegas, lies to Han Sang Yul, the head of the pharmaceutical company, as if he were his own son, Han Sang Yul, who should be fired from the company because the experiments were not exactly what he wanted, encounters Alpha prince Lee Reok. Sad that he had to lie, Han Sang Yul is a cute innocent boy with no love experience.

Over time, as the prince gets to know him, he becomes more curious and interested in her.

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18. Keeper of the Pearl

Keeper of the Pearl
Ji Yeon & Jae Moon

The story of Jae Moon (alpha) and Ji Yeon (omega), who were in love with each other in their previous lives, are in different families, and they become enemies due to misunderstandings. Jae Moon and Ji Yeon are together for the last time and Jae Moon tells her to leave because of family problems.

Ji Yeon later learns that she is pregnant, just as she is on her way to tell Jae Moon about it, when she learns that she will be assassinated and kills her, when Jae Moon mistook Ji Yeon for an assassin and found out the truth, it was too late. brings it back.

19. The Origin Species

The Origin Species
Lee Yeongjin & Seo Seunghyun

Our handsome alpha Seo Seunghyun, the self-made young head of cheabol, requests a secret auction. The meeting was canceled without notice. He investigates the reason for this and captures the young hacker Lee Yeongjin omega and his mercenary friends.

Lee Yeongjin asks that he will help Seo Seunghyun in exchange for rescuing his friends, and as collateral he shoots a video where he spends a night with her. Over time, our alpha becomes interested in Yeongjin.

20. Gorani Jeon

Searching for his soul mate, omega Bau offers rice wine to the god daily. Thus, he believes that God will send his soul mate. At that moment, a deer transforms into a human form. While he is about to eat the things in the field, he hits his head and faints. Mr. thinks he is a Tiger in human form, and this is how their story unfolds. :)

21. Absolute Control

Our wanted former general Xia Yusheng was an alpha. The person who caught him red-handed with the operation was our alpha Qi Wangzhi, who once knew him very well. So what happened next? Wangzhi turned our former general Yusheng into an omega. The military and very cute versions of a manhua chibi are also super sweet. :)


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