12 Webtoon/Manga Suggestions with Strong Female Main Characters!

Hey you! Shoujo webtoon caller. Here, we have brought together and listed the series in which the female main character is strong, which we know that many of you are looking for! Here are some suggestions for webtoon shoujo manga where the female main character is Strong!

12 Webtoon/Manga Suggestions with Strong Female Main Characters!


First of all, hello Yeppuu readers, I have prepared the article "12 Webtoon/Manga Suggestions where the Female Main Character is Strong", all of which are wonderful and I recommend you to read. Let's move on to our suggestions.

1- Beware of the Villainess!

Main character: Melissa Podebrat 

Of course, it wouldn't have happened if I didn't put Melissa first. Melissa is one of the final characters who breaks down all the prejudices we know. His aim is neither revenge nor remorse... He is a Perfection who hates these ignorant men and social prejudices. The subject of the series is iSekai... Melissa Podebrat's character is portrayed as a villain in the novel, of course, until our daughter falls asleep in this character. Don't miss the adventures of sweet Granny who was with him.

2- The Villainess is a Marionette

Main character: Cayena Hill 

Even though I admire the side characters in this series... The Hill brothers share the first place. Cayena was cast aside as a silly villain in her first life by her younger brother as a "dummy" and now she's back in the past? As a woman who reads novels. Although it seems like a very classic story at first, the plot and illustrations are excellent.

3- I’ve Become the Villainous Empress of a Novel

Main character: Yulia

Another one of my favorite series... The character of Yulia is so amazing... The plot of the series is as follows: After a night of heavy drinking, I found myself in a novel as the evil Empress Yulia, who will be executed for treason in three days.

4- The Young Lady is A Royal Chef

main character: Senianna

Our main character in this series is a chef! When our main character, who was interested in cooking in his previous life, opens his eyes, he finds himself as the overlooked grandson of a big family that removed the head chef of the empire... Now what he does is rise to the top of this competition! It has a very sweet drawing and subject handling.

5- The Lady’s Law of Survival

Main character: Eveline Rodlyn 

When you read the story, you will not realize when you are up to date! It's a very nice anime with its illustrations. Our main character tells his story in his own words: "Four reincarnations, all died before my 25th birthday. However, my lifetime on the list was much longer than that, and Yeoram, who was in charge of the dead, said he didn't know why. Is my life just a blue screen? Anyway, I finally came up with a smart idea - swapping places with someone for my fifth life! As a young woman with money, power, and everything else I will live a healthy and long life with love! But… …after I opened my eyes, I realized that I had been deceived by the bastard king of the Underworld! I understand. "

6- When the Villainess Loves

Main character: Libertia

I don't know if we can call the main character of this series a "strong main character", but I can say that our main character has a different strong temperament. Princess Libertia was the villain in the novel the main character was reading, and it ended in death. Isn't that very natural... but what is that? Does everyone but the main couple die? Reincarnated in Princess Libertia's body, our main character is determined to keep the supporting roles alive...!

7- The Lady and the Beast

Main character: Martina Astina 

This character is the embodiment of power, beauty, nobility, and intelligence. "One hundred years after the death of the legendary figure, the mother of the empire, Martina Astina, is reborn as a nobleman. Her past life and other peaceful routines are at one point sold to the monster Theodore Astina. Contrary to everyone's expectation of dying that night, she is the monster. He begins to tame Theodore and sees him as his pet."

8- The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass

Main character: Aria 

After reading the series, who could not be amazed by Aria's intelligence? Aria, who lost herself to luxury with her prostitute mother's marriage to the count in her first life, was executed by being tricked by the count's daughter, And when she opened her eyes, she went back to the past... Aria, who could rule time with the hourglass in her hand... I'm sure she will take her revenge very well.

9- The Princess’ Jewelry Box

Main character: Prenses Ariana 

A newer series. Our daughter's dream is to become an empress, so why? Because as empress, she can have two wives. Our hero, who is a handsome male fan...She is determined to gather handsome and strong men around her.

10- Youngest Princess

Main character: Prenses

The Archmage who ruled the Sorcerous Kingdom was reborn one day as the youngest Princess of the empire. “I'm just going to play with my toys and act like a baby… But don't you love me a little too much?”. They did not leave her alone today, and the young Princess is very tired today.

11- I Became the Hero’s Mom

Main character: Aisha

Our main character is a very strict fan girl! Our main character, who is a big fan of Abel, the main character of the persona novel he read, dies on the way to the author's book signing, and when he opens his eyes, he finds himself in the persona world, but he is not even a side character. Now Aisha will watch the child's main character grow up with her eyes, but what did she notice about Abel's father, Aisha? And he misunderstands everything and thinks Aisha is in love with him...

12- I Became the Ugly Lady

Main character: Sylvia Atlante 

“First of all, I reincarnated into the body of an ugly, noble lady.

For the sake of attracting the attention of those who despise her, Sylvia Atlante introduced herself as the “ugly lady” amid all the sarcasm and disrespect... But I'm not her." As the main character of the series can be told in this way, Sylvia is climbing the power steps one by one thanks to the memories she knows with her beautiful humor. the surrounded story flows like water.